2010 flu pandemic

A 2010 flu pandemic can be described as a new, flu virus which evolves and spreads as quickly as normal flu. The proliferation of the virus is because people do not have immunity to fight it. Being fully prepared to meet the challenges of a new flu pandemic is vital and WHO is working hard in this direction. WHO is fully committed to disseminating information and providing support, as the severity and nature of a new flu pandemic is unpredictable.

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10 Responses to “2010 flu pandemic”

  1. ann stacey

    This flu virus is very harmful to us most specially that its spread quickly.


  2. Prof.M.Browne

    We must be careful not to over-react on flu epidemics. many governments – including our UK government – ended up with vast oversupplies of 2010 vaccines. There are some interesting advaces in pipeline that will give protection for 10 years at a time.


  3. Rewarding Kids

    What is the current thinking of immunizing those under five years old. During last years flu season there were several cases of children having unusually severe reactions to the vaccine…In fact the Health Dept stopped the vaccination program of under five’s as a direct result of these cases. I think it was something to do with the Swine Flu component of the vaccine. Many parents are very worried about the upcoming flu season, and the 2011 vaccine…should they be?


  4. LEED certification

    It’s amazing to see how quickly these viruses can morph and change into a new strain to which we may not be immune.
    @ Prof.M.Browne
    I agree that some rational decisions should be considered and how we tame hysteria.


  5. Ronnie

    I appreciate WHO’s initiative. Vaccines approved by FDA can protect humans from being attacked by this deadly virus. Preventive measure to be taken for safe health and immunity.


  6. Toronto Hotels

    I appreciate all of the hard work that WHO is doing to protect human lives. Since the beginning of time, we have been in a battle with nature to adapt and protect. The WHO has a very good track record, so I am confident this will continue.


  7. Yasmin Salihra

    @ Ronnie
    I agree that preventative measures are always best. I think that too often in history, human beings are reactionary (sometimes there is no other alternative). The WHO is certainly making many strides to change this climate from reactionary to preventative and for that I have to applaud their efforts.


  8. Chicago Hotels

    Does anyone know how often major threats occur like this?
    How long does it usually take for the WHO to move and how long does it take the general population to respond?


  9. Jim T.

    @ Chicago
    I think that the CDC and organizations like WHO are able to model out years in advance, but as any predictive model can have flaws or black swans it is never an easy measure. Unfortunately, the virus’ are constantly adapting and changing making the prediction effort very difficult.


  10. New York Hotels

    Our firm is a big donor to the WHO and we spent a lot of time understanding their process of preventative identification. I have confidence that prevalence levels will decrease over time and most importantly that deaths and illnesses will be minimal.


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