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2010 flu pandemic

A new virus that spreads as rapidly as the common flu is referred to as a 2010 flu pandemic. With people’s lack of immunity to combat a new flu pandemic, it spreads. The WHO is striving hard to ensure full preparedness to combat any new flu pandemic. As the nature and severity of a new flu pandemic is unknown, the WHO is committed to providing information and support.

2010 stomach flu season

Between November and April is the peak stomach flu season. Throughout this time, you are likely to experience stomach flu symptoms such as stomach pain, fever, chills, runny nose and cold. Drinking a lot of hot liquids during this time is a must. Also take plenty of rest.

When is flu season

The flu season is between november and April. At this time you must eat foods that will help generate warmth in your body. Warm fluids, cinnamon, garlic etc are helpful.

Can you get h1n1 more than once in a flu season

It’s unlikely but possible. If the virus has mutated inside your body, you can get H1N1 virus twice in the same season. You must consult a Doctor in this condition.

When does flu season begin

The flu season begins at the peak of November. You may show the symptoms like cold, fever, chills and runny nose. It can easily be mistaken for stomach flu.

When does flu season peak?

The months between November and April are the months when the flu season peaks. At this time you may suffer from symptoms like chills, cold, runny nose, fever and stomach pain. It’s a must that you drink a lot of hot liquids and take plenty of rest.

When does flu season begin and end

The flu season begin at the peak of November and ends at the peak of April. At this time you must drink a lot of hot liquids and water. The symptoms mau include chills, cold, fever and stomach pain.

When does flu season start canada

In Canada, the flu season can initiate as early as October and last till the peak of April. Flu can be a painful experience. You ought to visit your Physician in case the symptoms worsen.

When is flu season end

The end of flu season is April. It is at most 5 months long. You must eat and drink healthy and follow a proper hygiene.

When is flu season over?

In the month of April the flu season is over with. It lasts for about 4-5 months. The flu symptoms are usually mind and goes away after a week or so.


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