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Stomach diarrhea

Stomach diarrhea is one of the major causes of deaths in developing countries. It is the 2nd biggest cause of deaths in infants across the world. There are 3 types of diarrhea. Secretional, exudative and osmotic. Based on the cause and type of infection, consult with your doctor and get treated

Recent stomach viruses diarrhea?

Recent stomach flu has been causing diarrhea in most scenarios. It is vital to keep the patient hydrous. ORS solutions, electrolytes, water, broths, soups, home remedies can be taken up properly to compensate the fluid loss. Medications particularly OTC medications are discouraged

How to cure stomach flu and diarrhea

Curing this with drugs is not generally recommended unless requested by a doctor. Staying hydrated can help. ORS solution and electrolytes intake can be useful. Home medications like banana with butter milk, bland food, honey with tea, ginger ale, arrow root water, coconut water and barley water intake can be increased. Stay away from caffeine and fibrous food till your diarrhea stops

How long should flu diarrhea last

Flu diarrhea can last for anything between 3-5 days. Allowing it to run its course while combating the loss of fluids form the body is the best way to confront the problem. Anti motility drugs prove to be useful but should be taken after talking to your doctor

Flu with diarrhea

When some one has flu with diarrhea, ensure that you keep yourself hydrous. Have chicken broth and soups. Juices without pulp, bland food, banana with curd, honey with tea, fennel seeds with butter milk and arrowroot water should be taken. Barley water intake and coconut water intake can prove to be utile too

Flu diarrhea

Flu diarrhea can occur in people infected by flu. You can let it run its course. This would be better rather than taking medications that are likely to result in complications. However, bodily loss of the fluids needs proper compensation. Home remedial measures can help. Electrolytes and ORS solution can also be taken

Diarrhea stomach bug

When you have diarrhea due to a stomach bug, it is important to compensate the loss of fluids. For this, you can either adhere to home remedies or opt for probiotics therapy. Medications are not generally recommended unless emphasized by your medical practitioner.

Diarrhea flu 2010

Diarrhea flu in 2010 has become very prevalent. Outbreaks are relatively more. The best solution is to wash hands frequently and adhere to personal hygiene. Medications are not recommended unless advised by the doctor.

Diarrhea flu

Having diarrhea in case of flu infection is common. The best solution would be home remedies. Increase the intake of fluids. Take bland food. Get rest and have electrolytes and non-caffeinated drinks for that can help in compensating the fluid loss with ease

Diarrhea after stomach virus

For diarrhea after stomach flu, it is vital that you take rest and adhere to home remedies. Taking tea with honey, having banana and curd, taking ginger ale, barley water, coconut water, arrowroot water and electrolytes can help .Intake of juices, broths and soups can be increased. Medications should be taken after consulting your doctor