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Avian influenza first discovered

First discovered in Hong Kong in 1997, the avian influenza soon spread to other Asian countries like India. Migratory birds then carried and spread it to Europe and Africa.

Avian influenza discovered

Avian influenza viruses affecting humans and birds are different. Having discovered this, scientists are now researching for a vaccine. Infected birds can give rise to avian flu.

Avian influenza contagious

Avian influenza is contagious, especially in birds. But it is also found to be contagious amongst humans. It is transmitted when there is direct exposure to infected birds.

And b at same time pandemic influenza

Pandemic influenza spreads on a large scale affecting a huge population. It is the resultant of spread of new strain of influenza virus to humans from animal species. The mortality rate in pandemics is high.

And b at same time influenza viruses

There are lesser chances of having Influenza A and influenza B at the same time but it is possible. Influenza A, B and C are the three types of influenza. Type B is milder as compared to type A.

Addison disease influenza

Addison disease influenza is an endocrine disorder. It results because of reduction in hormones which are particularly developed in adrenal cortex. This deficiency leads to adrenal glands malfunction and in turn leads to Addison disease. This disease affects the whole body.

2010 influenza

2010 influenza symptoms like sore throat, fever, headache and chills are the most common ones. Other symptoms indicative of influenza are fatigue, cough, muscle pain and weakness. It is very contagious. If the symptoms are serious, make sure to seek help from a doctor.

2010 influenza vaccine

The 2 main vaccines of the 2010 influenza are nasal spray and a flu shot. What prevent people from getting the flu are the ‘dead’ viruses in a flu shot. Ideal patients for this vaccine are people 6 months and over. The ‘live’ virus in the nasal spray, ideal for people between 2 and 49 years, prevents infection by fortifying nose linings.

2010 influenza symptoms

The most common 2010 influenza symptoms are chills, fever, sore throat and headache. Even cough, muscle pain, fatigue and weakness are associated with influenza. It is very contagious. If the symptoms are severe, make sure to get help from a doctor

2010 influenza vaccine

The two basic 2010 influenza vaccines are a flu shot and a vaccine delivered via a nasal spray. Contained in the nasal spray vaccine ‘FluMist’ is a live viral strain that is recommended for people between the ages of 2 and 49 years and healthy. This vaccine is formulated to fortify nose linings for repelling viral infections. A flu shot containing inactive (dead) viruses is prescribed for people over 6 months in age.