24 hour bug symptoms stomach bug

The 24 hour bug symptoms can vary from mild to severe. The most common symptoms are diarrhea and vomiting. You may also experience slight fever and stomach pain and stomach aches.

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8 Responses to “24 hour bug symptoms stomach bug”

  1. Abi

    omg i have this 24 hour bug right now and its aweful im hating it… i coinstently feel sick and dizzy… i cant eat a thing or it will be brought back up again urghh :’(


    jillian Reply:

    i had the same thing and im 12 it was horible!!!!!! i stayed up all night with my mom and i slepted for like 2 hours and it was the worst.


  2. curtis

    i threw up all of thanksgiving dinner. i puked so much, to the point that i did not have anymore fluids in my body, i thought i was going to die…the next day i felt better but made the mistake of trying to eat, which was soup with noddles…. i should have just had the soup. now i’m back to square one again….oh boy !!!!


  3. Hannah

    had this yesterday, feel better today but not daring to eat anything! The one thing my mum said to me last night is ‘Don’t be sick on the sofa or the floor’ I guess I owe her an apology =( Had terrible pain in my stomach, so much so my mum phoned the emergency hospital help line… It seems very contagious too


  4. stevie

    I have this.now! It’s just horrible, I cannot stop throwing up. I’m at the point where I have nothing left to throw up but my body doesn’t stop trying. My tummy is twisting.it hurts! I feel like I’m going.to die. I wish it would just be over


  5. Darren

    our whole family have had it started with our son who is 16 months followed by my wife her parents and finally me and our 6 year old daughter…we all seem to be over the worst but it comes on very quickly


  6. Nicole

    i think i have a 24 hour bug right now, i haven’t vomited or anything, i have had it before and nothing happened, i just felt better at midnight and it seemed to have gone so theres really no big deal to be honest, we all have them, also i have been feeling ill since last night but nothing happened my stomach just felt incredibly dodgy, i think if you have that bug you should take a parasetomal tablet they are the best.


  7. do u think if i open the window will it clear out the germs my mom and dad and my brother got the 24 bug i think i might get it i beleve that 24 hour bug is contiogus


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