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Pain while sleeping, fever, swollen tonsils and throat soreness are some of the typical symptoms of a strep throat. Other symptoms of a strep throat infection are white dots or pus on the back part of the throat and lymph glands. The appearance of skin eruptions may also point to an infection of strep throat.

Stomach flu or strep throat

Though stomach pain and fever are common on both ailments, inflammation in tonsils and lymph glands are seen only in strep throat infection. The diagnosis of strep can be done with strep test or throat culture test with ease

Difference between stomach flu and strep throat

Gastric flu is the inflammation of the gut and the abdominal walls. Stomach pain and elevation in temperature might be seen in both infections. Strep throat is always associated with discomfort in throat, tonsils and lymph nodes and this is not the case in case of gastric flu.

Could you have a stomach virus with strep throat

This is really not impossible. When your body resistance is weakened by injuries or ill health, it is possible that strep bacteria and the stomach virus get into your body. This would result in stomach upset and throat infections

Why strep throat causes stomach ache

Strep bacteria when present in throat causes irritation, aches and discomfort. When it reaches the stomach, it is likely to cause an ache. Treating it with antibiotics can really help

When does strep throat show up

The approximate time frame is 2-5 days. But you tend to continue to be contagious till you have the sings visible in you. Proper isolation can help with controlling transmission

When do strep throat symptoms show up

The period that elapses between the contact with the virus to the point where the symptoms show up is termed as the incubation period. The incubation period for streptococcal infection is 2-5 days. However, this infection is contagious till symptoms are visible

What organism can get strep throat

The most common cause is the streptococcus pyogenes. This belongs to class A beta hemolytic streptococcus bacteria. Sometime group C and group G bacteria also cause the infection

What is strep throat symptoms

The symptoms can involve an enlargement of the tonsils along with the lymph nodes, irritation and discomfort of the throat, fever and patches all over the tonsils.

What are the symtpoms of strep throat

Symptoms of strep throat can call for inflammation of the tonsils, welling of the lymph glands, fever and piercing throat soreness. You can also expect to have aching stomach. Rashes on the skin and bad breath are not common but probable signs too