Gastric Bypass Diet

Gastric Bypass Diet – The Actual Obstacle Begins Afterwards

Gastric Bypass is a significant procedure in bariatric surgeries. Its a surgical method for weight loss in which the natural outlet of the stomach is removed, along with half of the small intestine. Then, the remaining part of small intestine is attached to the stomach through an artificial pyloric valve. The digestive tract is surgically altered in this method. Consequently, after the operation a strict Gastric Bypass diet is introduced.

You are required to firmly follow the Gastric Bypass diet to make your surgery effective. The gastric bypass diet usually includes four phases. In the first part, you are permitted to have only clear liquids like water and apple juice as a part of your diet. Other sugar-free liquids, for instance diet soda are also advisable.

However, with such drinks, you should make them flat first i.e. removing their carbonated content. You are required to intake slow, small quantities of such liquids. The reason is to test the functioning of newly-installed outlet in your abdomen. Do not over-fill yourself while drinking too.

Phase one usually lasts for a day or two, depending on the progress of the patient. After it, the second phase of Gastric Bypass diet begins. In this stage, you are allowed to consume semi-clear liquids. Such liquids could have a certain thickness in them, but their watery content still makes up the majority. For getting your body vital nutrients, you can blend various fruits and vegetables to make up their drinks. You can start off the soups and yogurts but make sure that they do not contain any solid content in them.

Your improvement after the surgery determines the length of your second phase of Gastric Bypass diet. Commonly, it lasts for 3-4weeks. After this duration, you begin with soft, but solid foods in phase three. Its kept in regard that foods are simpler to digest. It relies on your tolerance what combination of foods is actually good for you. You can switch back to semi-clear liquids if you face problems with semi-solid meals. The quantity can also be adjusted and the pace is kept slower. Recommended foods are cooked eggs (not fried), low fat cottage cheese, well-cooked vegetables, etc.

The final phase four begins whenever you are absolutely ready to consume the solid foods like beans, vegetables, complex carbohydrates, meat, fish, etc. This decision is again based upon your pace of progress and tolerance. The doctors recommendation is also necessary for the fourth phase to begin. You must wait for the green signal from your physician before starting anything yourself. Your reports and test must also favor this step. Again, you should take things one at a time. Do not over-indulge yourself in foods. Its imperative in Gastric Bypass diet that you refrain from junk foods at any cost.

Nutritional supplements, protein powders, etc. are also given as a part of Gastric Bypass diet for keeping the body healthy. In addition, to what is given here, you are free to express your personal experiences here. May use of the comments form below and keep us posted!

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  1. Hero Nutritionals coupon code

    My dad just had a gastric bypass and he takes a couple of supplements. I hope that the procedure would really be effective in helping him.


  2. I had the stomach flu. Believe me you don’t want it! try to avoid it by eating well and having high resistence. Gratric diets work fine had it aswell it maked it less worse


  3. zaadlozing

    My sister was very sick and needed to follow a gastric bypass diet to see some effects. It was no good periode for my litlle sister… Now things go better than before and everything seems like it will be oke!


    vans Reply:

    Bad to hear your little sister had such hard time… I have a little sister aswell so i can emagione what its like…


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