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Ars symptoms come and go

These symptoms are dangerous and need immediate action. The symptoms will lead to many more complications if not treated immediately. Children should be given immediate medication in clearing the stomach bug completely.

Amd cold bug

Stomach bug and cold cannot originate from the same virus. Stomach bug originates from a virus, bacteria or a parasite. Cold originates from a virus. One can have both the stomach bug and cold at the same time.

Allergies cold same time

Having allergies and cold while taking a flu shot is least to bother. But a flu shot should be taken after recovery from cold. Usually it is seen that fever rises due to colds. Hence, it is suggested to perform flu shot after recovery from cold.

2010 pneumonia

2010 pneumonia symptoms vary from person to person. The main symptom of pneumonia is quick heartbeat. Tiredness, fever, loss of appetite and weakness are other visible symptoms. Breathing difficulties, severe hacking cough and wheezing may also be experienced by patients. At times, there may be muscular pain, nausea and vomiting, too.

2010 fly

Body ache, stomach pain, rise in body temperature and headache are the common symptoms of the 2010 flu. You may also feel nauseated. Vomiting and diarrhea are other common flu symptoms.

2010 flue

The most common 2010 flu symptoms are runny nose, chills sneezing, fever, sore throat, malaise and coughing. Diarrhea, getting nauseated and vomiting can also be seen in the case of flu. Another common flue symptom is tiredness.

2010 fever

When the body temperature is above normal (98.6 degrees) a fever exists. Fever symptoms include muscle aches, chills, shivers, red cheeks and feeling either too hot or too cold. A very high fever can cause damage to the central nervous system. Medical attention is required if the temperature goes above 104 degrees.

Mortality flu

Medical practitioners believe that flu in temperate countries is a significant cause of mortality. Flu mortality figures in such countries are however higher in winter than summer. Although high mortality is due to flu epidemics as some experts state, others dispute this. However, both agree that various circulatory/respiratory ailments and pneumonia are causes of flu mortality.

Dog has congestion flu cold

Try to meet up with his vet. Resort to medicines as per his suggestions. Try not to self medicate for that could complicate the situation

Can you get flu when you already have a cold

Yes this is possible. Cold and flu are caused by different viruses. When your body is invaded with both cold and flu virus at the same time, you will be infected with both.