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Stomach Bugs 2011: How Can They Affect You?

Stomach bugs 2011 have become the talk of the town. They have started wreaking havoc in the daily routine of many. It is high time that you get to know the rudiments of these stomach bugs. Read ahead and get to know more in this arena

Baby stomach bug

Stomach bug in babies can be very problematic. Plenty of electrolytes, fluids and water should be given to the baby. Diarrhea and vomiting are the most common symptoms of stomach bug.

Avoiding stomach bugs

Contaminated water should be avoided. A mask should be worn each time you go out. Diary products are to be avoided as it aggravates the digestion mechanism of the body.

Avoiding stomach bug

To keep stomach bug at bay, maintain hygiene. A mask should be worn each time you go outside the house. Hands and feet should be washed properly.

Avoid stomach bug egypt

Drinking bottled water and maintaining hygiene will ensure that you will avoid stomach bug in Egypt. Maintain high standards of hygiene. Wash hands before eating meals.

Avoid stomach bug

To avoid stomach bug, keep your kitchen and bathroom clean. The hands should be washed after using the bathroom. Wash the hands prior to consumption of meals.

Avoid getting stomach bug

To avoid getting stomach bug it is advisable to improve one’s immune system. Sharing of infected appliances and utensils must be avoided. Hands should be washed after using bathroom.

Avoid catching stomach bug

Since stomach bug is contagious, one should avoid catching it by refraining from physical contact and eating home-made food. You’re your hands before eating meals. Stomach bug is contagious even before the onset of symptoms.

Avian flu headache stomach bug

Avian flu can result in stomach ache and vomiting due to stomach bug. Severe headache is a common symptom in avian flu. A virus which is found in birds causes Avian flu.

Avian flu and stomach bug

Avian flu is caused by a virus which is found in birds. Stomach bug is caused by a virus. Stomach illness due to stomach bug is a symptom of Avian flu.