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Alternative treatment stomach virus

To avoid dehydration, water, clear liquids and broth should be consumed. Vitamin C is the natural remedy. There are several homeopathic remedies which help in stomach virus.

Alternative treatment stomach flu

Consume clear liquids n broth. BRAT diet can be given. Apples have a healing property on intestinal mucosa

Stomach virus treatments

Stoamch virus treatment should start with taking enough rest. Drinking fluids is important. Have easily digestible good items like toast, apple sauce, banana and rice. Sip electrolytes and switch back to normalcy at a slow pace

Gastric flu treatment

Gastric flu treatment starts with taking sufficient rest at home. It also involves taking a lot of fluids and easily digestible food items. ORS can be taken to control dehydration however.

Can i take h1ni flu immunization while undergoing bcg treatment for bladcder cancer

You can get immunized if there is at least a three weeks difference between the BCG and the day of H1N1 immunization. However it is always beneficial to consult a Physician for specific details. You can also get more information by calling the GGD hotline.

Should cytokines be suppressed in flu treatment

Infections release inflammatory agents, cytokines. Yes, cytokines should be suppressed in the flu treatment. Checking the count of Cytokines is essential for the treatment.

Bio flu is a drug treatment for what illness???????

Bio flu can be a drug treament for chills, body aches, cough, congestion etc. It is also helpful against nausea and vomiting. This is an effective treatment to relieve from the symptoms and the infection as a whole.

How homeopathic flu treatment works

homeopathic flu treatment works as these help generate heat inside the body. Homeopathic treament is essential to help combat the flu symptoms. This can be an efficient treatment for you instead of antiviral medications.

How much vitamin d to take for swine flu treatment

It is tough to determine the appropriate dose of Vitamin D for the treatment of Swine Flu. However, it is a widely accepted fact that Vitamin D is responsible for the regulation of a number of genes in the human body. You should consult a Physician for concrete data.

Treatment of diabetics who have swine flu

Antiviral medication Zanamivir can be beneficial for the treatment of diabetics who also have Swine flu. You may need to be on treatment for some time. Consult your doctor for some quality advice.