Avoid stomach flu after exposure

The best and effective natural remedy is Vitamin C. Raw ginger, ginger tea and ginger ale are advantageous for relieving the symptoms. Maintain hygiene

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18 Responses to “Avoid stomach flu after exposure”

  1. Birmingham news al

    Well there is only one proper and secure way to get away this flu. And that is just take the precautions. There is a need to take care of your health by avoiding some bad habits. Anyhow thanks to you for placing it here. Its amazing reading


  2. Jamie Livara

    The only way to solve such problem is prevention. You must always be careful always. Well if you are struck by this kind of flu then just take vitamin C to make your immune system strong.


  3. Sarah S

    Hi Everyone!, I’m new on here and excited to be a part of the group


  4. Debby

    So will vitamin C shorten the stomach flu or just reduce the symptoms? If I know someone who has the stomach flu, would taking excess vitamin c help fight off the virus? Usually it’s too late and I already have the stomach flu. Deb


  5. kiara

    One of the dangerous influence of flu is on stomach which lead serious troubles.Its better to take precaution for such dangerous disease.I think this will help to reduce the effects of flu in our surroundings as well.


  6. Lori Walters

    Hygiene is very important most especially for kids. Once you are exposed to any kind of sickness, it is best to clean up yourself once you get home. It can save you a lot of money if you stay clean to avoid sickness.

    Lori Walters


  7. Stuart Knox

    Wash your hands regularly! I know we have all heard this from the time we were young but it really is a way to prevent many illnesses.


  8. Adrianna Papell

    Vitamin C is always the best choice in treating body-resistance related diseases. Everytime I have cough, colds and fever, or flu, I take 500mg of vitamin C to cure. It works.


  9. email maketing software

    Stomach flu is a dangerous and communicable disease which needs some precautions from us to be taken so that we could avoid its infection.I think the disease is relevant to normal flu but cause more harms to stomach


  10. Jordan

    Maybe it’s not stomach flu? It could be H.pylori wrecking havoc in your stomach. Best to have a doc check it out or get a H.pylori test just to be sure.



  11. Humus Recipe

    I appreciate the subject matter this blog contains, really I gained a lot about stomach flu.I don’t have any enough information regarding this but I hope he will progress in future.


  12. Madikwe

    A very important aspect of the problem of stomach flu is dehidration. Getting dehidrated is actually very dangerous and a lot of strain is placed on your heart. You have to take in as many fluid as possible every time you’ve been to the toilet.


  13. Mike Praiser

    Hey, I spent more than an hour reading your articles about stomach flu or dirrhea. At the end, I really feel bad and I was about to litteraly puke. Thanks for his interesting blog anyway ;)


  14. Jennifer Hodgens

    Even you have a healthy body you still need to take some supplement or vitamins. Vitamin C help us to be away from any viruses.


  15. bob

    Balancing the mind, body, and spirit is the best way to have a healthy life. However, this is so hard to achieve. Individuals attempting to obtain balance should be patient and determined


  16. Newdie Pacs

    Vitamin C is necessary for keeping our body healthy and strong. But we don’t need to take all of those vitamin C’s just to keep healthy. There are many risks in taking more vitamin C. A normal human body only needs adequate rest and needed fuel (energy from foods). Do you know that the older the person is, the more activity he/she needs to attain normal body balance. That’s why later in our life we experience abnormalities in our organs because cannot adjust. I’m just saying exercise is very important for future health. I am very particular in this area because I am encountering problems like this . You may get some ideas from this blog


  17. do carb blockers work

    Yes Vitamin C is very important to our body, because it helps protect us from different kinds of illnesses.And we can get the vitamins C in some fruit so eating fruits is the best we to have vitamins C.


  18. Julia Seymour

    @Jamie Livara

    I agree with you that the best remedy, not just for flu, but for any kind of illness would be prevention. Nothing ever beats that. But once it is there, I go with everybody else here into advising that taking vitamin C to boost your immune system will help a great deal. Vitamin C will help us to recover faster.


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