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Flu shots side effects

The side effects are mild. Severe side effects can include hived, allergies, Guillan Barre Syndrome, Alzheimer’s and arthritis. Mild ones can be elevation in body temperature, nausea, throwing up andgiddiness. Soreness and inflammation at the shot vicinity is pretty common

Symptoms of the flu shot

Symptoms of flu shot can include congested nose, slight fever, vomiting, nausea and redness or soreness at the vicinity of the shot. Geenrally the symptoms are mild and go away in 2 days. Severe reactions might be nervous problems, Alzheimer’s and arthritis but are really rare

Ingredients in a flu shot

The constituents are dead viral suspensions and preservatives. Seasonal flu shots have 3 different viral strains. Formalin and thermisol are a couple of common preservatives present in flu shots.

Ingredients flu shot

The major ingredients are the viral strains. The viral suspensions are usually present in the deadened form. Preservatives are often included in flu shots and one of the very controvertial preservative added is thermisol.

Symptoms from flu shot

Flu shots are related to mild side effects lie cold, cough, nausea, fever and inflammation around the area of injection. Severe side effects can include allergies, hives, GBS, Alzheimer’s and arthritis. The mild ones are likely to disappear within a few days

Flu shots ingredients

Flu shots usually have deadened viral variants. Albumin, egg protein, monosodium phosphates, sulphates, formalin, formaldehyde and phosphates are other chemicals present. Preservatives commonly include themirosal in case of these shots.

Ingredients in the flu shot

Flu shots usually contain suspensions of viral strains. The suspension is always in dead form. Inc ase of seasonal flu shots, there are three viral strains present. Manufacturers usually add preservatives to lengthen the shelf life of the shots. Mercury based thermisol is pretty common in case of flu shots

Flu vaccine ingredients

Flu vaccine can either be a shot or a flu mist. The shot is injected while the mist can be administered through the nostrils via a nebulizer. The flu mist has weakened viral strains while the shot contains viral suspension in dead form.

Ingredients of flu shot

Flu shots have viruses in dead form. Usually, every year 3 strains are chosen to be the constituents. Preservatives like formalin and thermisol are also added for better shelf life

Ingredients in flu shots

Ingredients in flu shots constitute deadened viruses. 3 strains are chosen every year depending on the prevalence of viruses that are circulating around. Preservative addition to flu shots is done and this can be thermisol.