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What is the treatment for swine flu and the duration of illness?

The best treatment for Swine flu is H1N1 flu shot. Swine Flu is highly contagious and could be fatal. The duration of the illness can be anytime between 3 days to a month.

At this time what is the best treatment for swine flu

H1N1 Flu shot is the best remedy against H1N1 at the present. H1N1 is popular as Swine flu. If your Job requires you to meet a number of people every day you must get a H1N1 flu shot.

Where swine flu treatment

Swine flu treatment can be done in a GGD centre. If you qualify for proprity treatment, you will receive a letter. This will include a date, time and a venue.

What is the treatment for seasonal flu and h1n1 flu?

For the treatment of seasonal flu you can try natural remedies like Vitamin C, ginger, cinnamon etc. For the treatment of Swine Flu you have to get properly vaccinated. These are two different things and needs to be dealt with differently.

Who will receive priority treatment when swine flu shots program starts?

People living with immuno compromised people, children between 6 months and Five years, pregnant women and all between 5 months and 65 years are the most easy target to the H1N1 infection. H1N1 is also called Swine Flu. These people are the ones who receive priority treatment when diagnosed with Swine Flu.

Is tamiflu effective treatment for swine flu

though Tamiflu has been associated with some minor side effects, it is indeed a viable alternative against Swine Flu. Swine Flu is also popular as H1N1 virus. You will need to get a proper diagnosis done in case you are showing the symptoms.

What is the best treatment for the flu

There are many ways to treat the flu. If you are after a natural remedy, you may try Vitamin C. Antiviral medications are also good to help you ease the symptoms.

Does swine flu need treatment or will it run its course

No, unlike influenza or common cold Swine flu doesn’t run its course on its own. You will need to stay on medications to appease the symptoms. Getting a H1N1 flu vaccination is beneficial.

What treatment is available after you get the swine flu

If you have a Swine flu you should get a H1N1 flu vaccine. This is a must for you. Also take measures like washing your hands and feet 3-5 times daily. You must also weak a mask every time your go outside your house.

There is no treatment for swine flu

Absolutely there is no 100 percent treatment against Swine flu. Swine flu has caused a number of death around the world. The best option for you is to get a tamiflu shot.