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How you know if you got a stomach virus

You wil know thwt you have a stomach virus when you have the fever,watery diarrehea,abdominal cramping, abdominal painand dehydration.

How to treat a stomach virus

Take enough rest if you are having stomach virus. In case of blood in your stool or vomiting. You should drink lots of liquid. Keep the surroundings clean, anywhere you came into contact with while sick.

How to tell if you have stomach virus

If symptoms like fever, headache, and dehydration and vomiting occurs then you may have stomach flu. Vomiting and fever may or may not occur, but diarrhea almost always occurs.

How to remove a stomach virus

Get plenty of rest, drink ginger tea or chew a fresh ginger root to so soothe the stomach this can help you to remove stomach virus

How to protect from stomach virus

staying clean and healthy can protect you from getting stomach virus.

How to protect from getting stomach virus

Should avoid using others people personal things and stay clean and keep your sorrounding clean and healthy and eat safe and healthy foods.

How to prevent stomach virus

you should drink plenty of clean water and eat fresh fruits and vegetables; Avoid greasy foods and simplify your diet could hepl you prevent stomach virus.

How to pass stomach virus

You should maintain the proper sanitation, wash your hands before and after every meal and drink lots of pure liquid.

How to make a toddler comfortable with the stomach virus

First keep aside clean towel and bowl ready because a child vomits at this point. Do not give food or liquid. Breast feeding is the best alternatives in this period. Introduce soft food when your child stops vomiting. Keep the child clean.

How to make a stomach virus better

Consult a doctor and take medicines, eat healthy and light foods like fruits and green vegetables.