Exercise for flabby stomach

Various forms of exercises such as lunges, squats, snatches, sprinting, etc. are effective is losing belly fat. Sit ups, leg raises and ab crunches are also some of the exercises for flabby stomach. Keep in mind, the most important factor to get rid of a flabby stomach is actually in the nutrition part as well. Combine all exercises with a healthy diet of natural unprocessed foods.

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  1. Ian Gowers

    I have suffered with too much extra fat for many years. I appear to gather it around my midsection more than anywhere else. I have tried many supplements, foods and diet programs. I have lost the most belly fat by means of the zone diet program and combining that with interval exercises that I perform roughly three times a week. I read quite a lot about interval exercises and how it can produce a much enhanced after burn effect than normal cardio exercise. In my interval exercises I do both bodyweight exercises and combine that with kettlebells, it works really well for the reason that you develop muscle and burn body fat at the same time! I hope this helps


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