Scientific name for swine influenza

The swine flu virus has a scientific name the H1N1 influenza. However, this virus is popular as swine flu, as it’s found among birds and other animals. Some prefer to even call it as Mexican influenza as it first broke out in Mexico that too on a large scale. However, WHO or World Health Organization has announced and made it mandatory to denote this flu as H1N1

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3 Responses to “Scientific name for swine influenza”

  1. Cathy Shey

    We should be thankful that the swine flu did not spread very rapidly. it is not very deadly like Ebola but swine flu can still kill you.


  2. Bianca

    Im just wondering, is the H1N1 is just an abbreviation? Then what is the complete name of the flu?


  3. genesson

    Qual o nome do vírus h1n1


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