Stomach cancer treatment

Stomach cancer treatment is dependent on factors like cancer location, growth status and patient’s general health. Surgical removal of a major part of the cancer is a common treatment. To kill cancerous cells, chemotherapy is effective. Radiation therapy can also kill cancer cells with high-energy X-rays.

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  1. Ginny Powderly

    As a three time surviver of cancer, I can’t say that exercise has improved my life any. I have always walked for miles to my treatments due to the lack of transportation in rural areas. Even today, fifteen years later, I still suffer the damage from treatment. My heart was damaged from radiation therapy. I can’t fix it by exercising. I just keep on walking because I don’t have a car, and will never be able to buy one with my social security benefits. Genetics dictated that this would happen as it (cancer) has happened to every female in my family going back five generations that I know of. I just wish that I could go back to work until I die, since this is the prognosis I was given.


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