Stomach diarrhea

Stomach diarrhea is one of the very common ailments that are often seen in many. It can be of 3 types. Osmotic, secretional and exudative. Depending on the type and cause of infections, medications can be resorted to after discussing with the doctor

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3 Responses to “Stomach diarrhea”

  1. recados

    I’ve been having problems with my stomach. I’m nauseous a lot of time. I have terrible gas and diarrhea. My stools are rarely more solid. I need to have bowel movements often. If I do, I am terrible cramps, gas and constipation. If relevant, my stools are diarrhea in the mornings when I wake up, and as the day progresses, they get more solid, but nothing like it used to be. Pepto medicine and gas and things like that hardly seem to help with stomach aches. My testicles are often sore, too, although I’m not sure if that’s related or not. Is there anyone who could help?


  2. Mary J. Donald

    I still remember some years ago when I had some problems with my stomach, with nauseous feelings and diarrhea everything, I thought it was a virus or something, until eventually I realized that I was pregnant!


  3. oil of oregano

    When I have problems with my stomach, I usually take some honey. And it really helps me to feel better.


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