Swine Flu Tamiflu

An Overview of Swine Flu Tamiflu

Tamiflu is one of the few drugs that is effective against H5n1 avian flu. It was first approved for use in Japan in the year 2000. Since then tamiflu has played a crucial role in the Pharmaceutical arena, and has also become one of the most favored pharmacological components for international pandemic prevention plans.

Since its first use in Japan, the use of swine flu tamiflu has been stockpiled all around the world to combat against avian flu in humans. Tami flu is believed to quicken recovery from the flu by a day or two to the maximum.

Japan seems to be the leading user of the drug tamaflu. According to a research, more than 24.5 million prescriptions suggesting tamiflu as the drug of choice were written by Japanese doctors between the years 2000-2005 whereas the number only counts up to 6.5 million in the United States. In most Western countries swine flu tamiflu has just been introduced and hence its widespread use is still in the phase of trail.

Though swine flu tamiflu is the only resort in case a pandemic breaks out, the effects it has on individuals seems to be greatly biased and has attracted a lot of attention. Almost every social networking site seems to be circulating news about the drug and its possible effects on the human body. Blogs are also being exclusively used for awareness.

According to the Japanese Health Ministry, in the past three years, more than 54 people have lost their lives after taking the drug tamiflu. There is news that swine flu tamiflu can cause temporary neurological disorders in subtle percentage. It is also said to trigger abnormal and highly explosive behaviors in teenage users.

There are also rumors that use of tamiflu weakens the body’s resistance capabilities that leave the body weak and vulnerable to viral attacks and other diseases.

Yet, it is possible that these side-effects may not be more of the drug, than it is of the disease itself. Also, the fact that cannot be undermined is that these side-effects vary from individual to individual depending upon the human-biology. Immunity is another key factor that comes into play when considering the effects of the drug in the human body.

According to the Japanese Health Ministry and the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) the side-effects is more likely caused by the influenza itself and is not the downside of the drug.

Whatever the controversy, in the dearth of a vaccine, it seems tamiflu is the only resolve and hence it continues to be in the market to stay. We welcome your personal experiences with the tamilflu medication in detail. Please take a couple of minutes of your time to post your comments here.

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    I currently read somewhere that there was a case of a woman in Europe where the Tamiflu did not help her for H1N1. She had to be treated with Relenza.


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    alot of people are coming out with diffrent things like to get ride of the swin flu and their is one thing you can do and go to the clinic and get a shot or a nose shot


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    I went to get the flu vaccine and I had to wait in line for a long time then I saw a guy walking around with a sign that read “That is exactly what the Health Care Bill will be like” I made me think!


  4. Kevin, Strength and Fitness Blog

    The swine flu has been over-hyped. The “regular” flu still kills thousands more every year than h1n1.


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