What are flu vaccine ingredients

Multi shot vials, single syringe shots and flu mist nasal sprays are the three types of flu vaccines. While nasal sprays have weakened viral suspensions, the multi shot vials have dead flu viruses combined with preservatives like thermisol. Single shot syringes are free from preservatives

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  1. Martha Vandenberg

    I am 66 yrs. old. I recently got the high dose flu shot and the Pneumonia shot. That evening, I began to have severe arthritic like pain in my joints that was severe enough to keep me awake all night and make the smallest task very painfull. Now, three days later, I have improved little by litte but am not quite entirely back to normal. I’ve never had a negative reaction to a flu shot before. Any ideas about why this one would be different. Is it likely to be the strength of the shot?


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