What are syptons of gastric flu

Gastric flu is the stomach flu or the viral gastroenteritis. It involves the inflammation of the stomach and intestines. Very common symptoms of gastric flu are stomach pain. Stomach bloating, fever, headache, dehydration, nausea, vomiting, muscle pain and general tiredness. Loss of hunger can also be seen. Severe dehydration and fever need immediate care

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  1. Marlene Cummings

    Hi I would like information regards to obtaining a flat belly


  2. shane

    when yu have gastric flu. and yu get dehydration. and yu drink alot of water does it make yu go to the bathroom more often. cause i have been having stomach bloating alil fever not too high. feeling alil nausea. && tiredness. i have had any vomiting or nun of that as yet. it all happened yesterday after lunch time when i notice i couldn’t able eat my food. its jus lost of appetite. HelP cause im very worried


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