2010 flu strain symptoms

H1N1 virus (swine flu) is the relatively new and potentially life-threatening virus. It has proved to be highly contagious. Main symptoms of this virus include cold, fever, cough, sore throat, tiredness and body ache. However, in some cases, this virus can be severe and lead to death.

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7 Responses to “2010 flu strain symptoms”

  1. Sue Ellen

    Wasn’t the H1N1 virus a bit of a pumped up joke? I mean all I heard for months was how devastating it was going to be, and countries spent a small fortune to certain drug manufacturers to rush production of the vaccine, but then it seemed hardly anyone succumbed to it?

    Sue Ellen


  2. network marketing


    Agreed, the drug makers made huge amounts creating massive vaccine supplies that were paid for through the nose by the gov and are useless.


  3. Jesper

    As the above commenters mentioned, the H1N1 virus in a way turned out to be a joke, however the damage it caused was not limited to just what was spent to “prevent” the problem from escalating. The mass execution of hundreds of thousands of pigs became the norm…



  4. Frank

    @Jesper is right. I live in an are a where we have a large pig farming community, and we had instances of entire barns of perfectly healthy pigs being slaughtered, all because one pig showed symptoms of swine flu. The tragedy is, their is no correlation, or way that the virus can be passed, from pigs to humans.



  5. Michael

    There were some deaths caused by H1N1, but mostly in the Asian countries.


    Sarah B. Reply:

    Yes, but only the weakest dies anyway. It is just the media that made a big scary story. It is very much like the common flu.


  6. Kirsten Brown

    We were really alarmed when this flu spread. Is there a possibility that this will come again?


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