Avoid catching stomach bug

Stomach bug or virus is highly contagious. The best way to avoid catching it is to wash your hands properly, avoid physical contact with affected people and avoiding outside food. The disease is contagious even before the appearance of the symptoms.

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    Stomach bug is common these days because of impure and malnourished diet. This blog is creating awareness and inform about precautions as well. Thanks for this post


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    Stomach bug is common these days and this blog is info to cope with this bug. It happened because of impure and malnourished diet. Thanks for this post


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    That’s the most worst bug in life ,i guess. Because i have lots of people having no taste in their life just because of this bug.We must take some precautionary measures to overcome this problem when its on initial stages because once its out of control,its really so sever.Anyway thanks for this awareness.I think people will definitely get some useful tips from this particular blog through your blog comments


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    Stomach is major portion of our digestive system. If we have problem related to it, then it is disturbing for our physical and mental health. If we are not fit physically then there must be tension in our mind as well. So, this is serious issue that we must be handle with care and extraordinary efforts. You are doing well by creating awareness, rest must be done by people who are suffering from this bug.


  5. Susan Merget

    Great work I will share this on Facebook.


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    I don’t know what is stomach bug, but it’s good to know how to prevent it.


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    My daughter just got over the stomach bug, thorwing up a couple times and diareah for a week. She came down with it last Thursday, now it is Wed and no one else has gotten it yet. HOw long until we are in the clear? May seem like an odd question but we are supoosed to go away this weekend and I dont’ want to have to worry about another sick kid, or adult for that matter. Thanks!


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    That is a common disease of children in African countries as far as I know. The problem occurs due to low level of hygiene and water supplies. Stomach bug is a hard disease if the level of medicine is poor.


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    These are basic tips that we must know about health. If we do not wash hands properly there are more chances to be trapped by the germs. So take special care of your health


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