Bad breath cure natural

Chewing mint leaves or parsley is a natural remedy to cure bad breath. Even basil, thyme and rosemary are helpful for bad breath. With potent antiseptic properties, toothpastes containing tea tree oil are ideal for bad breath. A gargle with a mixture of baking soda dissolved in water is a great home remedy for curing bad breath.

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4 Responses to “Bad breath cure natural”

  1. skin tag removal

    I suffered from an angor every winter, and my physician suggested me to take a tea tree essential oil, which has an anti-microbal effect. The tea tree oil truly works, the last angor was two years ago.


  2. Dr. Chris Mohler DDS

    Where can I find mint leaves to purchase. I tried to find them at the grocery store but couldn’t find it anywhere.


  3. skin tags

    This remedy seems interesting, i should try using this remedy at home. Where can i buy this kind of cure can anyone tell me?


  4. Jason Voracek

    For years, I have struggled with having bad breath. My social life has also suffered. Thanks for the information here. It should certainly help me to put an end to this problem.


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