Bad breath home remedies

Tea made with fenugreek seeds and water is effective in preventing bad breath. Raw fruit and vegetable juices are good for bad breath treatment. Chewing tender leaves of a guava tree is also useful for bad breath. Even gargling with a mixture of water boiled with parsley along with 2 or 3 cloves is a good cure.

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  1. Alternative Cure

    One way to get rid of bad breath too is to examine some of the causes. Tooth decay might something to do with bad breath. Have the tooth decay treated. Chewing peppermint also helps.


  2. Alkaline Foods

    Defects in intestinal organs or colons have something to do with bad breath too. Eating alkaline foods like fruits with fibers can help cleanse your digestive problems. Constipation can effect to your breath too. So you have to remedy it by disposing your bowel regularly.


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