Can a wisdom tooth cause flu or cold syptums?

Wisdom teeth often cause no symptoms of flu or cold. They are not related with the flu at all. Pain in the mouth is the only thing that is associated with the wisdom teeth.

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3 Responses to “Can a wisdom tooth cause flu or cold syptums?”

  1. UAOMS

    You may just be mistaking these for similar symptoms because they are very uncomfortable. It may seem that you have a dry throat and mouth, and your stomach may be upset because you cannot eat very much, but these will go away shortly.


  2. Dr. Paul G Grussenmeyer

    Yes than can be a common symptoms because your body is trying to recover. After you did just have surgery.


  3. UAOMS

    Sometimes removal of wisdom teeth seem to affect the sinuses, but never will flu-like symptoms occur that aren’t related to the anesthesia.


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