Can fighting a cold or flu give you high blood pressure reading

Exposing yourself to cold weather can cause a person’s arteries to tighten. As a result, high blood pressure can result. In result fighting with flu or cold, you can get high blood pressure.

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8 Responses to “Can fighting a cold or flu give you high blood pressure reading”

  1. Utah Valley Oral Surgery

    I am sure illness can cause some change in this, but it may not be a very huge difference.


  2. Victor Nerra

    Yes because any illness will really affect the blood pressure of a person. However, the reading will still be normal or within the normal range as long as treated.


  3. Sanjo Guevara

    Colds or flu cannot really cause a very high blood pressure. However, it is true that when you are exposed in an extreme environment, arteries will be narrow causing you to have a slight high blood pressure.


  4. Utah Valley Oral Surgery

    No, they cannot. You shouldnt’ be worried


  5. UAOMS

    If you live in a place where there is high variability in the weather, such as dramatically hot and cold often, what effect does that have on blood pressure?


  6. Blood Pressure

    I don’t believe it can really influence on blood pressure… It influences on self-feeling generally, but i think, there is no direct connection to blood pressure


  7. UAOMS

    That makes sense, although I am interested to know more about the correlation between tight arteries because of extreme cold and blood pressure readings.


  8. Dental Implants Utah

    I am interested to know how high the correlation is between fighting disease and having low blood pressure. I feel like the lurking variable would be time of year and weather conditions.


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