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How many children have died in north america from h1n1 flu during the 2008 season

There is no concrete data that relates the total number of Children death due to flu, in North America. However, Flu is one of the most leading causes of Children-hospitalization in North America. You must properly monitor your child if you suspect that they may have a flu.

How to slip through the flu season unscathed

There are a lot of measures you can take to prevent yourself from the flu season. Vitamin C helps boost your immune responses. You can also add vegetable and fruits to your daily routine. This will reduce your chances of getting the flu by 30%.

Can you take astragalus regularly during the cold and flu season to prevent getting sick

If you want to prevent a cold or flu, of course astragalus is beneficial. You can take astragalus alone or with Vitamin C. This is also beneficial against the cold.

How to develop a contingency plan for flu season

There is no concrete way to ward off flu. However, acclimatizing cinnamon and ginger as a part of your regular breakfast can reduce your chances of getting the flu by 30%. Veggies and fruits also has the same effects. Wearing a mask everytime you go outside the house is also a solid means of protection.

When is the h1n1 flu season

Unlike seasonal flu H1N1 virus has no season. It is active throughout the whole year. H1N1 virus, which is many a times confused with regular flu, is also popular as Swine Flu.

Cdc says flu season is from

The CDC says that flu season is from November to April. It is necessary to take proper precautions. Drink hot liquids and foods that help generate warmth in the body.

When is pa flu season

Pa flu season can initiate as early as November and lasts till April. It is usually 4-5 months long. At this time you may experience symptoms like chills, cold, runny nose and congestion.

When is the flu season for eastern united states

In the eastern united states the flu season can initiate as early as october and last till April. You may have mild to severe symptoms. Make sure that you eat healthy and drink a lot of hot liquids.

When is flu season for h1n1

Unlike the seasonal flu, H1N1 virus is active all the year around. H1N1 is popularly known as Swine Flu and is often confused for influenza. H1N1 is highly contagious.

Can get the flu twice in one season

This is indeed possible. Flu can be caused by Type A, Type B or Type C virus. If you are infected with any two strains in one season it is likely that you will get the flu twice.