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How many people have died in north america from flu during the 2007-08 season

There is no concrete data that relates the total number deaths due to flu, in North America. However, Flu is one of the most leading causes of hospitalization in North America. You must properly monitor yourself if you suspect that you may have a flu.

Does season flu shot offer any protection against h1n1

No the flu shot doesn’t pr// any protection against the H1N1 virus. H1N1 Virus and flu are caused by two different virus. Flu is also popular as Influenza.

Personal protection kits how to make for flu season

Flu is also popular as Influenza. You can use mask for protecting your mouth and nose. You can also prepare your own food recipes to help combat the flu. Vitamin C, ginger, cinnamon, honey, fruits and veggies are helpful.

Things to do to avoid the flu this fall season

Good and healthy food should be taken. Making the people aware about the flu is essential. Warm cloths should be worn every time during the flu season.

Tips on how to stay healthy during flu season

Washing your hands in regular interval is important . People should be made aware of the flu. Fruits and juice should be taken daily.

What is saskatchewan’s flu season

It is a kind of virus that is active during the cold season. Lots of water and good balanced diet should be taken. Try wearing a mask everytime you get out of your house.

What are names of all flu season

Influenza is the name of the flu. The season is between November and April. Swine flu on the other hand is not seasonal.

Flu season is fake

November to the mid of April is the peak time for this virus. The children are the most easy targets to be infected. Lots of fruits, vegetables and water should be taken.

When is the flu season

This is a seasonal virus that starts in the winter season. It has a high peak during the month of November to the mid of April. The viruses are active during the winter season.

What is flu season

Outbreak of the influenza virus causes the flu season. November till April are the high peak time for this virus. They are active during the winter season.