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Exercise home stomach

The bicycle stomach exercise, basic crunch, and knees to chest stomach crunch are the most common home exercises. Even regular, incline or kneeling pushups are some types of home exercises. With dumbbells, a variety of exercises are possible. Home workouts which include plank abdominal exercises are very popular, too.

Stomach cancer treatment

A patient’s overall health, level of cancer growth and its location are factors considered for stomach cancer treatment. A common treatment to remove a significant part of the cancer is through surgery. Chemotherapy is recommended as it kills cancer cells. The high-energy X-rays in radiation therapy kill cancer cells, too.

Stomach flattening exercises

Walking and swimming are the best cardio exercises for a flat stomach. Jogging too is very good. Exercise together with a healthy diet is the key to achieving a flat stomach. Crunches, sit ups and side bends are also effective.

Stomach ulcer diet

Cut down on food and drinks containing caffeine. Snacking 3 times and eating 3 small meals throughout the day is good. Be sure to include meat, cheese, egg and milk in your diet. Eat slowly and chew your food well.

Best stomach exercises

Brisk walking or jogging is the best stomach exercise. Swimming is another good exercise for the stomach. Sit ups and crunches are common exercises which are good to tone stomach muscles. Aerobics are also effective stomach exercises.

Stomach ulcer symptoms

The most common symptom is constant discomfort in the stomach. Weight loss and loss of appetite are other symptoms of stomach ulcers. Some other symptoms are anemia, very dark stools, blood in stools and vomiting blood.

Symptoms of gastric influenza

You may also experience muscle pains, coughing and weakness. Influenza is caused by RNA virus. The most common symptoms of gastric influenza are diarrhea, vomiting, fever, sore throat, chills and headache.

H1n1 stomach cramps

H1N1 infection has been very prevalent in the last one year. The very visible sign is stomach cramping. Since stomach flu symptoms resemble that of h1n1 infection, the detection(diagnosis) and treatment on time can help in quick recovery

Gastric symptoms in adults

Gastric symptoms in adults are similar to that of children. But dehydration is relatively rare in adults compared to infants. Nausea, vomiting, headaches, stomach cramps and fever are usual symptoms in adults.

What are the symptoms of gastric flu

Symptoms of gastric flu relate to abdomen and gut. This can comprise fever, fatigue, malaise, discomfort, stomach pain, headaches, diarrhea and vomiting. Even loss of appetite is not uncommon too