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What are symptoms of strep throat

Symptoms can involve puffed adenoids and welled up lymph glands. Your throat might undergo extreme discomfort and your stomach might ache. Roseolas on skin also occur in some cases. Bad breathe is also seen at times

What are common symptoms that a person with strep throat exhibit?

An individual who is affected by strep throat can have an elevation in body temperature. He might suffer from bad sore throat. His adenoids are likely to become tender and he might also have swelled lymph glands. Patches might be seen across his tonsils. He might have hurting stomach and bad breath too. Rashes on skin is uncommon

How long do strep throat symptoms last

The signs are usually seen for more than a week or two. However taking antibiotics on time is vital. This can reduce the contagiousness of the bacteria with ease

How long dies it take for strep throat to clear up

For the strep throat to clear up, it can take a few weeks. But at the start, it is highly recommended that the infected person takes proper antibiotics. Though this does not shorten the time frame of the suffering, it very well reduces the transmission power of the bacteria

How long after contact does strep throat appear

The strep infection can be seen after 2-5 days since the bacteria gets in. The transmission capability continues to be present as long as the person shows symptoms of strep throat. But antibiotics can reduce this duration effectively.

How fast does strep throat symptoms start?

Strep throat infection is very much visible within 2-5 days after the infection gets into the body. But the person tends to spread the virus for the time frame within which thee signs are seen. Antibiotics can help in combating the contagiousness of this bacteria

How early does strep throat show up

2-5 days is the usual time line that is taken for the signs to appear. But the time for which the Bacteria can spread can be very long till signs disappear

How does strep throat get transmitted?

Air particles that are infected act as carriers. Even the surfaces that are contaminated with strep bacteria can be the cause of infection. Close contact with infected individuals can transmit the disease with ease

Does strep throat require medication?

Yes. It requires medication. Since it is the bacteria that causes it, it responds to antibiotics effectively.

Does strep throat leave you weak

It is highly likely that you would become weak because of strep infection. Since you would have throat badly infected, you might not want to eat. Further the pain and agony weakens your body a lot and you would feel tired