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Does strep throat come from your stomach

No. It does not originate in the stomach. The strep bacteria enters into the body via the nose and the mouth. It affects the throat badly and further the stomach too

Do you throw up with strep throat

Throing up is uncommon. However it is very much possible. Treating this infection with antibiotics is really important.

Could you have vomiting & diarrhea with strep throat

Throwing up is rare in case of streptococcal infection. Diarrhea is really not seen in strep infections. But if you have it, please contact your doctor and get diagnosed properly

Complete strep throat recovery

Recovery from strep throat is possible with the help of proper care and treatment. Amoxillin, cephalexin and penicillin are the usually prescribed antibiotics. Tylenol and ibuprofen can be taken to bring in reduction of pain and fever. Aspirin can be given for individuals whoa re 20 plus age

Compare strep throat symptoms to flu symptoms

The symptoms of flu and strep throat can be easily distinguished. Cold related symptoms are a part of flu and not strep infection. Sore throat and fever might be common to boy. Inflammation of tonsils is seen in strep infection only.

Comfort foods for strep throat

Soothing ginger teas can reduce the soreness in throat. Let your throat be completely wet. Don’t allow it to dry. Have enough fluids and continue to chew lozenges

Causes and symptoms of strep throat

Group A streptococcal pyogenes is the main causative agent in case of strep throat. Group G and C sometimes cause the infection too. Swelling of lymph nodes, tonsils and fever are common symptoms. Sore throat is a very major symptom too

Can you visibly see strep throat

This can be seen very easily. Swelling of tonsils with dark yellow or white patches is visible. Swelling of lymph nodes can also be present. Soreness in throat is very common. Strep test is order based on the inflammation visible

Can you have strep throat and the flu at the same time

Flu can be present when you have strep throat. Strep is cased by a bacterial infection while flu is often caused by a viral infection. Diagnosis and symptoms can be different for both

Can strep throat damage tonsils

Strep throat can infect tonsils pretty badly. Yellow or white patches can be seen on tonsils with swelling in the lymph nodules. Sometimes, tonsillitis is seen as a surgery to get relieved from strep throat.