Flu Symptoms 2009

Every year, some ‘flu’ category generates quite much of hype, and casualties. The year 2009 was dedicated to swine flu.

There has been previously known strain of swine flu. It is a moderate to mild flu condition which is usually received by people who more in the proximity of pigs. However, this year a new subcategory of Influenza A virus has been discovered. It is known as H1N1 virus. It is also initially transmitted from the infected pigs, but the virus is highly contagious and can be easily transferred from one infected person to the others in his/her surroundings.

Swine flu epidemic started from Mexico in the beginning of 2009. When the reported cases increased, the state borders were closed to contain the virus, but unfortunately it has reached United States. From thereon, the infection spread globally and by June 2009, WHO declared the H1N1 swine flu to be 2009 Flu Pandemic.  Even though the flu symptoms 2009 are very much similar to seasonal flu symptoms, they have created a medical turmoil. This happened because the new strain of Influenza A virus was an unexpected mutation of virus. Consequently, there exists a probability of further mutation. Hence, it could make the flu symptoms 2009 worse, lethal or outright incurable. Such uncertainty and speculation contribute to menace of 2009 flu. Also, it has nearly affected every state in the globe, so the spread of infection itself is a big issue.

The flu symptoms 2009 manifest usually within 4 to 24 hours of the virus entering your body. This virus can be transmitted through sharing contaminated utensils, food, drinks, physical touch, breathing in contaminated air, etc. After the incubation period of the virus is over, it starts indicating its presence in your body through high fever, chills, sore throat, runny nose, fatigue, joint pain, nausea, and occasional vomiting/diarrhea. As these flu symptoms 2009 also depict common cold, you must immediately contact your physician for consultation. It will allow him to perform a quick diagnosis whether you have swine flu or seasonal flu. Consequently, associated treatment/measures are then recommended.

You must be careful that 2009 flu is highly contagious. So, if you experience any of these flu symptoms 2009, you must avoid being at any public place. Just as a precaution, discuss matters with your doctor at phone first and take an appointment to visit at any suitable time. It’s done to expose minimum people to the flu virus. Take essential care in interacting with your family and friends during this phase. The flu symptoms 2009 persist for 3-4 days usually. It can last for a week or so in severe cases. So, take good rest and consume a lot of fluids in this period to recover at your best.

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