Very Early Pregnancy Signs

Very Early Pregnancy Signs: a Walkthrough

Pregnancy is the time during which you can watch out the growth of your baby inch by inch and day by day. If you really understand the process of a fetus development in the womb, the hardships that you might undergo during this period will no longer be burdensome. As the initial step, get to know the following 10 very early pregnancy signs for that would help you in understanding whether you have become pregnant.

Pregnancy begins with fertilization of the egg soon after your ovulation. Once the egg gets fertilized by the sperm, the fertilized egg gets implanted in your uterus. This takes about a week soon after the fertilization. As soon as the fertilization takes place, you can expect to see a few of the following symptoms. As and when the implantation takes place, more of the following symptoms would emphatically become visible.

Very Early Pregnancy Signs

Miss a Period: This is one of the very common symptom and one of the prominent very early pregnancy signs.. Due to the implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterus, the menstrual period may not occur or may be very light on contrary to the usual menstrual cycle where there is light start up, intense bleeding and then a tapering staining.

Light Spotting: This is yet another common symptom among the very early pregnancy signs. This occurs 7-8 days after ovulation occurs and is induced by the implantation of the fertilized egg.
Tenderness in Breasts and Nipples: This occurs due to the sudden hormonal changes that occur within the body during the commencement of the pregnancy period. However this disappears as body gets used to the changes that are occurring.

Rise in the Frequency of Urination: Being one of the very early pregnancy signs, this occurs after a week following implantation and is attributed to the activity of hCG hormone within the body.

Dark coloration at the Areolas: The areolas appear darker than usual and they tend to appear so after a week following the fertilization. The bumps present within the areolas even look more visible than normal.

Morning sickness: This is one of thevery early pregnancy signs that is very common among many. Women tend to have this for a long time that might go up to a few months during pregnancy.

Nausea: Many women tend to experience a feeling of nausea and vomiting that they find it tough to eat. Usually this tends to disappear after 2-4 months of pregnancy.

Cramping: the muscular contractions of the abdomen induced cramping and this is categorized as one of the very early pregnancy signs.

Rise in Body Temperature: Rise in bodily temperature is associated with ovulation and this tends to prolong in case of conception.

Difficulty in Bowel Movements: This occurs since the gut relaxes and fails to function as usual due to change in hormonal levels.

Knowing the above 10 very early signs of pregnancy is important. However, each woman is unique and might experience a different combination of symptoms. Whatever it be, it is highly recommended that you consult your doctor on any queries that you have regarding pregnancy!

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    Hi! Thanks for the info. My sister experienced the signs of early pregnancy and got anxious because she thought that maybe she had a serious illness. She told me about it and I said that maybe she’s pregnant. Fortunately, when she took the pregnancy test, it was positive. It was her first time being a mom so we had celebration!


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