Can a common cold effect blood sugar levels in diabetics?

Yes, sometimes having common cold, can bring on ketoacidosis which is an uncontrolled Diabetes forces. In this case the kidneys to be overworked as blood glucose levels increases. This may have adverse effects.

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4 Responses to “Can a common cold effect blood sugar levels in diabetics?”

  1. Jargo Nerra

    For me yes, because colds and diabetes are related to the immune system of the person. Good thing that there is such thing as glucose monitoring that is very easy to use.


  2. Sella Macadaeg

    Common cold will really affect the blood sugar of a person who has diabetes because there is a production of ketoacidosis that will affect the immunity of the person.


  3. Debra Williams

    Eating out with a medical condition that requires a careful diet can be a nightmare. This is especially true when you are entrusting that the nutritional facts on a menu are true to form. Instead of ordering something that seems like it would be high in sugars and calories when eating out…make sure to stick with the whole foods that you know are lower in carbohydrates and calories.


  4. it relocation

    I believe people who are diabetic and had a cold can greatly affect blood sugar level in the body. It can make the condition worse, the cold virus can add stress and with diabetes it can cause the blood sugar to increase.


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