Flu Shot Symptoms

Flu Shot Symptoms and Reactions

Flu shots usually do not cause any reaction. But at other times, the reactions are dreadful. Rather than suffering from flu, it is highly recommended that an individual should get a flu shot at the appropriate time even amidst the fact that the flu shot is rarely associated with unpleasant reactions. Let us find out the flu shot symptoms in detail here.

Flu Shot Symptoms

Common symptoms like swelling, soreness and pain at the region where the shot is given is something usual.  They are mild in nature and do not affect our daily routine. They are visible for not more than two days.
Some systematic symptoms start appearing after 6-12 hours of the flu shot and they exist only for one or two days.  These symptoms constitute fever, discomfort and muscle pain.
If people are allergic to egg or any other components of a flu shot, it is better to consult a physician or allergist to have a good control on the after effects of flu shots.  The rare allergic reactions such as anaphylaxis and hives are life threatening.  Severe complications take place due to the existence of residual egg proteins, which in turn creates adverse effects on the health of individuals.

Flu Shot Symptoms for First Timers

If you are going to give a flu shot for the first time to your infant, fussiness and fever are the foremost reactions you can expect.  The symptoms do not exist for more than two days and the child gets back to normalcy.  But the effects of flu shots will not be the same for the next time.  Though fever is the normal reaction in case of a flu shot, if your kid gets into a very high fever, then please contact the pediatrician for assistance.  If your kid faces other serious effects/reactions from the first flu shot, talk to the doctor regarding the health condition of your kid before you go ahead with his/her next flu shot.

Reasons for the Severe Flu Shot Symptoms

It is good to find out whether the symptoms are the effects of a flu shot.  If the child is already ill or in the day care where there are infected children, then the illness that is visible after the flu shot may no be really due to the shot that was given.  Flu shot symptom appears within 6-12 hours of injecting the vaccine.  If the child is sick after 2 or 3 days of flu shot, then it is important that you consult your doctor before proceeding further with the medication.

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