Stomach Virus Treatment

Stomach Virus – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

There are several viruses that are responsible for the inflammation of the large intestine, small intestine and stomach.  Such inflammation is known as gastroenteritis in medical terms.  It is popularly known as stomach flu even though influenza viruses are not responsible for the illness.  Vomiting and diarrhea are the symptoms of stomach flu. 

Stomach Virus Causes

Viruses such as adenoviruses, type 40 or 41, sapoviruses, astroviruses, noroviruses and rotaviruses cause gastroenteritis.  Viral gastroenteritis is never caused by parasites, bacteria or by medicines.  As the symptoms are similar, you have to confirm from the doctor before starting the treatment. 

Stomach Virus Symptoms

The major symptoms of stomach virus are vomiting and watery diarrhea.  The infected person undergoes symptoms such as severe headache, fever, discomfort, and stomach pain too.  The symptoms are visible for one or two days after getting infected by the virus.  The illness continues from one to ten days, depending upon the severity of the infection and body resistance of an individual.  

Stomach Virus Treatment


The severe fluid loss at the time of vomiting and diarrhea has to be controlled immediately to avoid dehydration.  The treatment has to start from home.  Your doctor can help you in suggesting the kind of fluid to be taken at that time.  It is advisable to keep oral rehydration solution at home particularly for those who have infants at home.  The child should be given the solution after the first time when diarrhea becomes visible.  This solution is readily available in all the pharmacies.  Follow the instructions written on the package.  Use clean, pure, boiled water for the purpose.  Antibiotics and other medicines are not required in the initial stage.  If the condition persists, doctors can prescribe alternative medicines.  Antibiotics have no use on stomach virus treatment, so avoid taking it.    

Prevention Is Better than Cure

If you really intend to prevent the disease, wash the hands with soap and water very often.  Avoid eating contaminated food and water.  Use chlorine-based cleaners and disinfectants can help lots.  As viruses are the main cause for the stomach virus, the immunity is effective only for a short term after which there is a possibility to become infected again.  There is vaccine available to defend against rotavirus is currently used to protect against stomach virus for young children and infants.  Every virus has its own season to show its activity.  We have to take proper measures prior to such season and start stomach virus treatment well in advance to keep away from this health problem. 

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  1. Treatment for stomach virus « onewaythinky's blog

    Natural treatment for stomach virus entails consuming the food items that can really soothe the inflammation of the gut and the stomach walls as quickly as possible. Bananas: Being a rich source of magnesium and potassium, they are easily digestible and act as great soothers for the irritation that is persistence during the attack of stomach flu. Rice: Rice is not only easily digested but the rice water has the ability to heal the inflammation that has been stimulated by the stomach flu and hence act as a remarkable stomach flu treatment option. Salt and Turmeric:Turmeric, added in very small quantities to soups and broths can heal the inflammation quickly and miraculously. Salt, being a constituent of electrolytes, helps in compensating the loss of body fluids during flu and as such is a noteworthy treatment for stomach virus. Yoghurt: It is one of the sources that is rich in beneficial bacteria. When you are stuck with stomach flu, it is very likely that you would be trying to get rid of the microorganisms that have induced the flu. During this process, the medicines and other natural remedies that you take would aim at destroying the microbes within your system and as such might wipe off the friendly contents present within. So, it is imperative to take yoghurt if you really intend to replenish the beneficial bacteria within your system. Blueberries: They are the rich source of fiber and antioxidants. They prove to be noteworthy treatment for stomach virus since they battle against the growth of bacteria like E.coli with ease. Being rich in fiber, they help in water retention and aid in expelling stools in bulk rather than in watery form. Applesauce: Apples have proven to contain pectin that help in water retention during a severe diarrhea that is very common in case of stomach flu and hence testifies to be an effective treatment for stomach virus. Garlic: If you really like the aroma associated with garlic, it can be taken with honey when you are stuck with stomach flu for it helps in healing the inflammation existing along the stomach and intestinal walls. Salted Crackers: They help in controlling the feeling of nausea with ease. The salt in them aid in keeping you hydrated amidst the diarrhea that you are suffering from in case of stomach flu. Adhere to the above treatment for stomach virus and let the ailment run its course with the minimum amount of inconvenience caused to you!

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    The only thing about getting the tsomache flu that I like is the break away from work. I know that sounds bad but when you cannot get a vacation to save you then this is always nice.

  3. Overnight Cash Advances

    I really like reading up on these things. I have kids and it will be nice to know when these symtoms happen, I can bring my kids relief and know when to call the doctor.

  4. silvrbabe

    I have the stomach flu, had it for almost a week, still going, I also have IBS how long is this suppose to last,

  5. awesomeman123

    When drinking water, I suggest to drink it in small portions. Drinking from spoons is a good idea and every half and hour drink about 4 spoonfuls. I just had it, and thanks for the tips! :D

  6. Symptoms of Stomach Virus

    Stomach virus patients show the symptoms like, watery diarrhea with undigested food particles and gas formation in the stomach and cramp-like abdominal pain.

  7. ok magazine

    oh man, been there, done that!! great advice,, my nurse friends tell me about the BRAT diet for stomach viruses,, which is basically what you said.. Bananas, Rice, applesauce, and toast!! Way to go,, you’re turning into a writing madwoman!! YES!!

  8. Gold Frames

    The symptoms are visible for one or two days after getting infected by the virus.

  9. Lee-anne

    Sometimes, Symptoms can be a sign of a different disease. Once you have experienced them, never just assume that you have this specific sickness. Its still best to go to the doctor so they do some test to make sure.